Agnes' story is what HOPE is all about. Her story is what we want to see happen again and again.

Agnes' Story...the Beginning of HOPE


Agnes was born into a family stricken with poverty. One of eight children, she had to deal with the lack of basic needs from an early age. When she was 7, her parents sent her to live and work for a wealthier family as a domestic servant. Her employers promised to send her to school and pay her parents $2 a month for her work, but they never did send her to school. Because of their great need, her parents kept her there. 


In the summer of 2004, Agnes met an American traveling around Kenya. This encounter changed her life. At this point, she had been a domestic servant for 9 years, with no hope of ever getting an education or ending the cycle of poverty she was trapped in. Cole was just an ordinary college student, but he knew that he could do something to help. He knew that God was calling him to help this ONE girl in Kitale, Kenya. 


Agnes started receiveing monthly support from Cole through their mutual friend, Japheth. With this money, Japheth hired a tutor to begin schooling Agnes and also provided for her family.


Today, Agnes has completed the ninth grade, graduated from a 6-month hair-dressing school and a 6-month nail design and make-up school. She is currently working at a salon in Nairobi and building her customer base. Her dream is to own her own salon and boutique. 



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