About HOPE


Our mission here at HOPE is to reclaim the lives of children to thrive and flourish by sharing the love of Christ and providing food, education, and job skills training. 


HOPE is working with Christian Family Ministries Kenya (CFMK) to to do just that with the children in Nairobi, Kenya. Pastor Michael Omondi started CFMK many years ago to minister to people in the slum called Korogocho. Through his church, he began the school to care for many orphaned and vulnerable children in his area. HOPE and CFMK have been working together since 2009. HOPE's primary function is to connect sponsors with Pastor Michael's school so that they can gain an education and have their physical and spiritual needs met. In order for CFMK to be eligible to receive these sponsorships they must comply with HOPE's standards for education, food, and spiritual teaching. In the future, we would like to partner with more schools in Kenya.


Training & Demonstration Centre 

In addition to the sponsorship program, HOPE is also in the process of establishing a training and demonstration centre. This centre will teach students (18 and older) Biblical principals, entrepreneurial skills and trade skills to prepare them for a successful life. 

Pictures of the ministry of HOPE since 2009!


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