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We were so blessed and excited by HOPE supporters that came to our 2nd Annual Gala for HOPE. With your help and donations, net funds of $19502 have gone directly to CFMK for the work on their new school building which finally looks like a reality. 

Watch your incoming mail for holiday brochures in this beautiful season for hope.

New Merch Alert

To reclaim the lives of children & adults to thrive and flourish by sharing the love of Christ and providing food, education, and job skills training.


HOPE provides financial support to two Kenyan-run organizations that align with our mission, CMFK and the TDC. H.O.P.E. is based out of Abilene, Texas, but CMFK is in Korogocho within Nairobi and the TDC is in Kajiado County, south of Nairobi.

Partner with H.O.P.E. to bring hope to the children of Korogocho in Nairobi, Kenya. Your partnership enables these children to be taught the love of God and helps them on the path that He has called them to live.

Give to H.O.P.E. either one time or on a recurring basis. Your support allows us to carry out the mission we believe God has called us to.

Check out the STORE tab to see our latest merch that also supports the mission in Kenya. 

All donations to H.O.P.E. are tax deductible

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